Claude Alexandre

* 1940, lived in Paris, now in Sevilla, three grown-up children. Since 1976 professional work with photography, architecture, portrait and theater photography, e.g. at the Parisian Opera.
She has made various photographic series about couples, sexuality, sado-masochism, bullfighting etc., that have been on display internationally.

Le sourire du chat - Ca.140 erotic photographs, duoton, Euro 19,90. Texts by Claude Alexandre, Sigrun Casper, Dagmar Fedderke, Louisa



Titelbild des BuchesGewalt und Zärtlichkeit
Violence and tenderness
Photographs from the Parisian love life, Euro 19,90.
The artist shows real human contact instead of stylized objects. The frontiers between the different sexual orientations become irrelevant. Pictures from lesbians, gays, heterosexuals, transsexuals, sadomasochism and other transcending experiences.
These pictures are documentary in style and show people who themselves present their bodies before the camera. They are not professional models and the pictures are accordingly not the result of a long and artificial staging: they capture rare moments of intimacy.

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Titelbild des BuchesCorps d'Obscur
Photographs and text in French and German, Euro 19,90.
Ecstasies of regression; visible through wrapped and bound bodies, that are hidden by ropes, plastic and cloth.

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Blixa Bargeld & Kain Karawahn

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