Krista Beinstein

* 1955 in Vienna, lives in Vienna and Hamburg. Many exhibitions, performances, art actions and video films


2004: Klitoride Extravaganz

Photographs, 128 pages, approx. 120 photographs, Hardcover, format: 28 x 24 cm, 19,80 Euro. September 2004, ISBN 3-88769-330-2

Exciting lesbian fetisch-productions. Women show their most intimate and also evil!! phantasie

„"Krista Beinstein's photographic production whets the sexual appetite... What catches the eye? Is it the exposed breast, the slit in the breeches, the opening for the mouth, ergo the omissions on the otherwise completely covered body encased in boots and shrouded in netting? Or is it the vertical line that runs from the head across the bust, continuing along the bodice's zip and turning into the slit upon a slit? - that is repeated in the perpendicular of the pipes and is reaffirmed in the rings around arm and knee joints. Horizontal objection: they coil themselves around these flexible parts, but, however tight they might be, still communicate this very flexibility... Alone and with oneself and the multiplication of physicality. How many hands does this person have, how many legs, what is a many-breasted being equipped with both vulva and penis called? Whose fingers feel the penis, whose arms press the breasts, is anything "real" here except everything in unison" (Christine Goeslt)

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Titelbild des BuchesTheatre of Ecstasy
Photo stories of women, Hardcover, texts in English and German, Euro 25,50
Table of Contents: Special Feeling - Portrait of my Lover - Poetics of the body - A Cadillac, please - X-Terra - Anonymous Sex - Obscure, obscure - Self Portrait - Queen of Cannibalism - Desire for Alkebulan - Visions of Oshun
this book is different from the others in regard to layout and design. It includes an extensive interview with the artist where she gives answers to the controversy about the contents of her work. The photographs in this book show once again the artistic ability of Krista Beinstein to transport emotions and moods into a sexual context. Her fantastic erotic stories range from the classic aesthetics to extreme sexual decadence, roaming the border area between reality and fiction. Krista Beinstein creates a frame, in which women can live out their sexual fantasies. They tell their own stories and this authentic context is on the other hand the incentive for the artist to capture their obsessions in her pictures.

"The other world of lesbian SMs. Whether it is the Marquise de Sade, anonymous Sex or the Queen of Cannibalism, Beinstein always deals with real women that amuse themselves, not artificial beautiful bodies. That makes their lust credible for the spectator. Krista Beinstein takes pictures that can not be found in the heterosexual art world." (Schlagzeilen)

Of this edition are available 50 numbered copies which include an original print signed by the artist for Euro 175,-.








Titelbild des BuchesKabinett Vagina Dentata
160 pages, 120 photographs, Hardcover, Euro 29,90. Text in english and German
In contrast to her previous books, Krista Beinstein stages in her new book not the authentic desire of women, or SM or fetishism. She rather creates an artificial world that explores the boundaries of modern fetish-stagings in an ironic and fascinating way. She presents a cabinet of evil women, that use their vaginas metaphorically speaking as a powerful magic. Not sex specifically is in the center of the pictures, but desire and lust of strong women are non the less always prominent features. This lust is not targeted towards a sexual pleasure but concentrates on fantasies about the power of the female sex. The women offers their bodies ironically with plastic tits and artificial lips …


Ein Photo aus dem Buch


Isaac & Pascal
160 pages, 120 photographs, Hardcover, Euro 29,90, Interview and texts in German and english

Lesbians cruising, having sex with gay man







Rituale der Begierde- Rituals of Desire
Photo stories of women (black & white and color), Euro 19,90. Texts in English and German.
The pictures range from tender encounters in fantastic, Indian-like landscapes to bizarre rites of extreme lesbian love. The artist presents authentic sex as well as symbolic lust. Against the widespread clean images of women's eroticism, Beinstein portrays women who actually touch one another, who penetrate the "other", the female flesh. She shows women who act out their fantasies in sexual rituals, no matter how threatening and evil they may seem.
from the table of contents: Bolghatty Love Story - Saida's dream - Secret Ecstasy - Kali - My Love-My Lover - The Basement Fuck - Bronx - Baby Cake - Bridge Butch- The Gateway to the World - Darkroom - Metal Heat - Killerladies - Nightlife - Lustflesh - Revelation - When the Evil Awakes …

Gewaltige Obsessionen - Violent Obsessions
Photo Stories of women (black & white and color), DM 34,80.
Sexual adventure stories in swamps, tunnels, ports, between reality and fiction, between good and evil. Important here is the erotic aura of the locations. Moving pictures of authentic female lust.

Rausch der Triebe - Ecstasy of Desire
Photo stories of women, Euro 15,50
seduction - bondage - Crazy Tits- Fetish -Bodydykes - Tittendominanz - Adventures of a masochist - Domina - Eva u.a.

Obszöne Frauen- Obscene Women
Photo stories of women, Euro 15,50
Free Fucking -Toilette - Is the shame over? - Dominas - Gay Ladies -St. Pauli atmosphere etc.



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