Del LaGrace Volcano
gender-variierender Foto-Künstler aus Kalifornien, er lebt seit 1987 in London. Große Einzelausstellungen in UK, USA und Europa. Del LaGrace Volcano ist einer der Protagonisten des Filmes "Venus Boys".

Spring 2006:

. SEX WORKS photographs1979 - 2005. Ca. 160 pages, format 28 x 24 cm, ca. 19,90 Euro. Sexwork shows the history of sex in the queer scene in thrilling pictures.
- Text by Beatriz Preciado. English. PErsonyl Introduction by Del LaGrace Volcano. English-German.


Sublime Mutations

SUBLIME MUTATIONS, 192 pages,180 photographs in duotone and color, format 31 x 24 cm, hardbound, texts in English and German, by Jay Prosser, Del LaGrace Volcano, Gerburg Treusch-Dieter ISBN 3-88769-135-0, Eur 39,90
Del La Grace Volcano is one of the pioneers of the intersexual movement. In his images he discovers the sensuous and sexual possibilities of mutating identities and bodies in an intensity never seen before. Sublime Mutations present for the first time an overview over the works of the artist. The book focuses on the transformation from a rather female to a rather male nature, allowing the intersexual aspects of humans.
The photographs in this book rebel strongly against binary concepts like male - female, pretty - ugly, healthy - ill and so on. They tell stories from the „Feminine Principle" over „Lesbian boyz", „Tranz Portraits" to intensive erotic performances within the pansexual cosmos.
Bodies are always changing. Through life, aging, by accidents or operations. Del LaGrace also shows this kind of „mutations" in subtle pictures. Short texts from Volcano give a very personal insight into the world of intersexuality.
Also including an essay from Jay Prosser, philosophic reflections from Gerburg Treusch-Dieter and interviews with the protagonists of the sexual performances „Ars Poetica".

Del LaGrace Volcano
"Bodies as sites of mutation, loss and longing have been my overriding and obsessional concerns for the past ten years. Sublime Mutations are the transformations that are produced by age, accident, illness, or design. The motto is: Mutate and survive or stagnate and perish."

Del LaGrace Volcano is a gender variant visual artist from California living exclusively in London since 1987. He studied film and photography at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria before winning a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute in 1979. He received his Masters Degree in Photographic Studies in 1992 from the University of Derby. He has exhibited and published extensively in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. He has also been known to make the occasional foray into the worlds of film, performance art, television and academia. His first monograph was LoveBites, (Gay Men's Press 1991) and then The Drag King Book (Serpent's Tail, 1999 with Judith Halberstam). He has also produced three short documentaries that have screened at film festivals throughout the world. Pansexual Public Porn, 1997, A Prodigal Son? 1998 and Journey Intersex, 2000 and others. You can also order this films - we plan ia compilation as dvd in 2005/2006

"Breathless photographs." (Siegessäule)

"Del LaGrace photographs are amongst the most revealing and the most sexual of contemporary images … even the most outré subjects are presented with an identification and love" (Jay Prosser)

Aus dem Inhalt:
The Feminie Principle - Lesbian Boys & Other Inverts - Xenomorhosis - Ars Poetica - Drag Kings - Trans-Genital Landscapes - Tranz-Portraits - Kathy Acker - Hermaphrodyké - Shape shifters




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