Claire Garoutte

freelance photographer and lecturer in Seattle. She has worked with street punks and in Cuba where she portrayed people belonging to the Santeria religion.

BookcoverMatter of Trust
Hardcover, ca. 120 photos, texts in English and German, Euro 19,90
Pictures out of the American lesbian sex-underground. Emphatic documentation (pictures and texts) of the personal histories of individuals and couples belonging to a group of extreme outsiders &endash; lesbian women that practice almost existential and very tough body rituals. Security, a feeling of trust and emotional comfort &endash; these are things that these women can only find in a longstanding, even lifelong community of like-minded people. Their rituals of belonging leave traces on the bodies that - like wrinkles - tell the story of humans and their relationships. They create a context of security and a feeling of comfort that remain frightening and incomprehensible for the mainstream.

“This is more than just about sex. It is about social interaction, where trust and honesty are basic forces. These women subvert radically the ideal of twosome love, exclusiveness, codependent happiness by exposing them as life lies. Because of this ’Matter of Trust’ is a very exciting book …” (lespress)

A picture from the book

A picture from the book

A picture from the book


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