Rinaldo Hopf

born 1955 in Freiburg, lives in Berlin, Bergkirchen and New York, numerous exhibitions in Europe and the United States, 2004 Galerie Faubourg, Amsterdam, Gay Museum Berlin, Kunst(B)handlung München; 2005 Art @Large, New York



Photography, 192 pages, 12,2 x 9,4 inches
ISBN 978-3-88769-782-2, 29,90 Euro

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The meaning of 'Trickster' changes between scoundrel, villain, rascal, and mythical divine sorcerer. In any case, they are figures who do not adhere to the rules of gender standards or decency. They revolt, offer resistance. Such humans come to life in Rinaldo Hopf's watercolour paintings, on his canvases and overpainted posters.


Photography • Gay/Lesbian> 120 pages • 7.8 x 10.2 in.> 90 color and duotone photographs ISBN 978-3-88769-354-1, 19,90 Euro

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Can you love someone with your camera? Yes, you can, and the pictures in this volume prove it in a spectacular way. Hopf's photographs reflect the closeness and familiarity, as well as the sexual tension, between the artist and his model, Frank, alias Fox. They depict the fullness of Fox' emotional life: his pleasure in showing himself off, his shame, his serenity, his exuberance and his sadness, his lust, his sex. These are not mere snapshots, they are complicated compositions. And as the viewer turns the pages, getting to know Fox in all his glory, he might just fall in love.

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ISBN 3-88769-333-7, format 30 x 24 cm, approx. 120 colourprints, Fadenheftung, Texts from Ralf König (Comic-strip artist) and Thomas Sokolowski (Director Andy Warhol Museum), 24,90 Euro

Erotic portraits from the international Art- and Queerscene. Many celebrities, Artists, Models, Pop- and Pornstars. Glamourous, partly outrageous sexual, very picturesque photographs.
"Hopfs photographs captivate with their intensive colours, extraordinary sceneries and evade themselves in their intensitiy and immediacy conventional attributions - they are subversive. Partly outrageous sexual, these pictures let the viewer immerse into a glamourous world of irritating beauty, which Hopf develops through his eyes. Without words this book tells Love- and Lifestories of individuals who offend against rules and gives direct insights into a diverse and creative reality." (M.Malinowski)

"Hopf's models, a wild mix of the international, art- and porno scene, seem to feel very well in front of his objective. Shining in powerful colors the portraits document eyes twinkling positions, cattish erotic and inviting sexuality. Whether Quentin Crisp, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf or Ralf König- all of them trusted Rinaldo Hopf and made it possible to have a view in their inner- and love-life which surprise with their blunt intimacy. Actually the portrait-shooting of special stars is only able in the fewest cases to present something new about the illustrate models. Too often,the portrait shooting is on active service for the models who cannot withstand the try to be recognized in their typical pose. The photographer has his profits from that, too. The publicity of the stars also helps the own publicity, but not in the case of Rinaldo Hopfs work. E.g.: While Ralf König has fun with Frank Tepel (Hopf's friend), the photographer always helps, watches them, creates the scene to give the passing moment its liberty. His technique, balanced between tactful acting and shaky shoots of a special moment, represents the photographer himself. So actually the explicit photo series of König and Tepel shows a special threesome. So Hopf's erotic and fiery pictorial language is without any misunderstanding. Probably especially this involvement wakes up this big trust of the models. (…) In "Subversiv" the people really take their pants off, open their blouses, put off the t-shirts. Then an infecting life-willing appears, a real life gear. An exploding flood of pictures (…) A really normal looking close-up shot of the artist-pair Gilbert and George comes up to be the "subversive". It's a convulsively soft, an almost sentimental kiss on the cheek." (Akut Magazin Dec.2004)

There were often famous people, celebrities, and the first impression of surprise was, that these people allowed to be portrayed like „this", fastly gave way to the calm implicitness that these pictures emulate. This was a mixture of polaroid snapshot and accurate arrangement, it is exactly balanced, and that causes this special tension. The portrayed people are young, old, fat, slim, elegant, bizarre, normal, odd but never exploited, never really exposed, always self-confident and very present." (Ralf König, comic-strip artist)

"...his work tells of liberty and its lines which always need to be crossed. For Rinaldo Hopf eccentric is a sister of freedom. In front of this foreground the models, who are portraits in his photos seem to be absolutely believable and represent dignity, humanity an beauty in the most extravagant pose, naked or in the most funny outfit. It belongs to his concerns that there are sturdy erotic and sexual scenes." (Martin Levec, makes expositions)

Queer-Paket: Rinaldo Hopf & Del La Grace Volcano & Daijna Roos & Rebecca Swan together only Euro 111,

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