About our publishing house and its program

" travelling between the cultures" 

We publish novels, art, photography and books "travelling between the cultures, between the languages, between the people": essays, poems, novels, short stories, photos, drawings ... We have series with literature from Japan (for example Mori Ogai and the famous contemporary writer Yoko Tawada), from the Canary Islands (for example the most famous writer in Canary Islands, Rafael Arozarena, and Sabas Martín) and from Korea (An Su Kil, Kim Young-ha). Some of the books we publish bilingual (chinese-german, japanese-german, spanish-german and one book in greek-german). Or from the young turkish photographer Müjde Karaca. She has photographed portraits of women from different cultural backgrounds.The books "between the cultures" often cover emigration, coming into another culture, communication in different languages, where misunderstandings and mistakes allow new meanings. This includes the relation between pictures and language. Also is important in this books the relationship of different political systems, sometimes cruel systems, and the possibility or impossibility of bodily affairs ... This books treat of unknown worlds in foreign countries but at the same time the german reader finds reationships to himself, can see the own culture with a new view.

Novel series
We have two novel series : a serie "Love Life" and a serie with thrillers.

Since the founding of our publishing house in 1978 we publish books without restrictions concerning our range of topics. For example the annual "konkursbuch" has different themes which we try to approximate in all genres, this yearbooks contain graphics, paintings, photographs, science based texts, short stories, essays, lyrics, conversations. Theissues had have subjects like "hair", "blood", "writing", "lifestyle and politics"- Last issues: "Anxiety" (konkursbuch 46), "Gaze" (konkursbuch 47) "Family and family ties" (konkursbuch 48), "homeland" (konkursbuch 49), "Fortune and Felicity" (konkursbuch 50). Next will be the subject "misfit" (konkursbuch 51). The literary and photographic books contain fantasy and knowledge, dreams as well as everyday life, surrealism and erotic.

erotic books
The language of eroticism in our series of erotic books is mainly presented by women. So we published photobooks by the female photographers Anja Müller, Claude Alexandre, Claire Garoutte, Krista Beinstein, Rebecca Swan, or by the intersex-photographer Del LaGrace Volcano. And too by some male photographers which "let the women shwo themselfes", too having photographed Lesbian couples like Thomas Karsten. Their "other" perspective on this subject can be found in the details of the particular works.
"My Lesbian Eye" the anual of lesbian erotic art and literature ist published since 1998, until 2004 every 2 years, since 2005 every year. The yearbook "My Gay Eye" (Mein schwules Auge) is coming out since 2003 and the "multisexual erotic yearbook "Mein heimliches Auge" (My Secret Eye) since 1982 ...The yearbooks contain graphics, paintings, photographs, short stories, essays, lyrics, information, conversations ... and give an overview about queer, lesbian and gay art and literature every year. Like no other publication, "My Secret, Lesbian, Gay Eyes" show the variety and changes in every sector of queer art concerning eroticism year by year &endash; eroticism is not "always the same", but it is reproduced creatively again and again. So the dealing with the issue, with pictures and language is changing &endash; small facets, which are reflected here - often before they emerge in the media. The cast of these volumes are of different ages, have different backgrounds, are famous or unknown.
The yearbooks have been well received and thus accepted by the press and the audience. "It is the most progressive publication in german language about lesbian erotic and sexuality" (Siegessäule, Berlin)
The ZEIT wrote of "Lust and Love". Lespress likes it as "best queer erotic magazine". The news-magazine "Der Spiegel" called it: "self-willed, irritating, intelligent". Claudia Gehrke; the publisher, however, has attended to the issue of queer eroticism from the start on and is definitely going to devote herself to this subject in the future (and also to philosophy and poetry and novels and photography in separate publications) ...

Most books we design with little graphic surprises corresponding to the subject of the book and to the general principle of books: that you have to turn over pages.



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