Müjde Karaca

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Müjde Karaca, born 1981 in Bamberg, studied visual communication at "Akademie der bildenden Künste" in Stuttgart. As being a Turkey-German she worked much withe topic "home, origin and identity".Whith her work "Almanyali-Germans" she shows Turkish people, who live in different areas in Germany, and let them tell their personal stories as being a German. She won the 1st prize of the "Förderpreis für Buchgestaltung" (a prize for book-design) of the "Academy für bildende Künste (academ in Stuttgart)" for her photographical work "Zinat-charms". Toda she works communication designer and project organizer for the ZKM ("Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie"/ center of art and media technology). .

Reize / Zinat
photographs & texts, phote book in high size, 24,5 x 32 cm, bound, 160 p., 29,90 Euros, ISBN 978-3-88769-385-5
photographs, design and graphics made by Müjde Karaca.


Women from different cultures and in different cultures are presented in a portrait (each 3-pages-long). The women's faces transform with taking off the headscarves. This is always a surprise. Some of the women in the book never wore a headscarf; they just put it on for the photos. Others wore it because of religious and cultural reasons. Some women wear them or not, because they want it so because of religion or culture or just, because the think it makes sense on some days, on some not. The women of the portraits describe their relationship to veiling in short texts. These texts are filled with stories and memories, e.g. the way the grandmother used to fold the headscarf. In the texts are many different positions, even women, who are completely against headscarves, because it's a sign of compulsion. This book isn't about allowed or forbidden, it's a try to give an open view in a total different culture and total different beauty-idols. The book's also about the freedom to chose of women, if they want or don't want to wear headscarves


". Because of the differences between the European culture and my Turkish origin and the Muslim religion, which I grew up with in my family since I had been born, I stand in a daily journey between those two cultures. I visualized this journey with the portraying of women of my own family. From thereon came the idea to this project: to show women of all cultures and origins with and without headscarves. Every day, we see women with veiling. Which feelings happen to the viewer? What do we think? Which prejudgment do we have? How do the women feel?" Müjde Karaca

review (German language) Stuttgarter Zeitung 8.5.2010 (pdf)

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