Evgenij Kozlov


Evgenij Kozlov, „We are on our way to school, singing songs hip and cool".
The Leningrad Album
192 Pages, 160 colored drawings, format 24 x 18 cm, hardcover. Text in German, English and Russian. 19,90 Euro, ISBN 3-88769-315-9.


Ravishing figures, hilarious stories, tenderest covetousness, wonderfully whimsical situations. 250 sheets of paper, where the drawings delicately shine through the reverse side, "illustrated" by texts (often on both sides). A real treasure, created in secrecy and now waiting to be lifted. Eros and art are the very subjects that have accompanied Evgenij Kozlov since early childhood. If you have always been curious about the dreams of a Soviet adolescent and if you still wonder what these young people really learned about life, you will leaf through this album with growing enthusiam. You will make aquaintance with Rosa, Svetlana, Mila, Olga, Elena, Tatyana and many other wise, shy or adventurous girls, as well as with maturer women - they all want to pose for the young artist and, of course, to seduce him. When you finally get to the last of those 500 pages of the album, your only desire will be to start once more at page 1. Because the prodigal lavishness of this work of art offers each regard new charming details in gestures, glances, clothes, indoor furnishing, texts. And thus what guides the artist enchants the beholder: absolute devotion to his subject matter.


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