Bridge Markland

* in Berlin, lives there. Famous performance- artist, many entrances in variety theatres … also entrances by the erotic nights organised by the publishing house

Ca 180 p., frz.Br., ca. 40 photographs, Eur0 15,50, ISBN 3-88769-163-6

Erotic photographs and erotic stories about pubic and private sex, in the cinema, on the hotel floor, in the car … The protagonist meets men and women just to have cheerful sex with them … that sometimes succeeds sometimes not, but what is in every case exciting.

Insights into her wild live and loves between fantasy and reality in Berlin and other metropolis. An omnipotent woman tells self-confidently about her erotic/ sexual experiences with men, women and all kind of intermediate existences. She uses a modern, explicit language, which does not arise any doubt on the "hard facts", telling about them with a funny objectivity. The book contains next to the stories erotic black/white- photographs, which the photographer from Berlin Anja Weber produced together with Bridge Markland and other performancers. (artefakt)


Press commentary

" ... Those, who missed this fantastic performance have to be angry with themselves. Beyond pseudoporno-movies and enlarged bi - messages Bridge Markland created an exciting, funny, oppressive and relieving atmosphere full of androgynous human love for an splendid hour ... Bridge Markland - this name has to be remembered ... " (Kieler Nachrichten, 12.2000)

Ein Photo aus dem Buch

Ein Photo aus dem Buch

Ein Photo aus dem Buch


cCa. 120 pages, large size, Br, ca. Euro 15,50. ISBN 3-88769-162-8.

Photographs of Bridge Markland within varying roles taken by male and female photographers from all over the world. Bridge Markland the chameleon, the Berliner Cindy Shermann.

press commentary:

"underground-eroticism ... I have experienced something in Berlin, which you won't believe me" thus the SPIEGEL about one of her shows.

"An erotic evening full of wit and irony ... Hidden doors of the soul has been opened ... Bridge Markland brings the evening full of applause to a close by putting the audience into bewilderment and amazement ... " (Frankfurter Rundschau)

"The performance-artist Bridge Markland starts her entrance classically with high heels and a pailette dress ... but in the moment of the first look her entrance changes ... She plays into the audience. The subtle representation of male and female sexuality finds its perfection ... " (Main-Spitze)

"From the racy red-haired to a nasty pinstriped - bloke, that's how she transforms during her dance-performance "the most beautiful women of the world", from Anita Berber to Stalin, from barely covered to high-necked she presents herself differently all the time." (artefakt)

STRIPPED + PORTRAITS together: euro 25,-



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