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*1971 in Berlin (DDR), lives in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. Study of educational science, since 1992 freelance photographer, regularly exhibitions of photographies, publications in magazines...

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September 2010

Frauen 2
bound., 26 x 20 cm, 200 p.,29,90. ISBN 978-3-88769-501-9
Women in different ages. Flippant, erotic, intimate, playful, earnest, documentary, performed…
"In this diversity there lives her poetry. Many pictures have something which crosses the lines, something secret and sometimes something forbidden… and at once the viewers feel watched by an ironic eye, the eye of the woman they had focused. The photographer knows one sentence: come on, throw your cloths off! Is it possible to construct the sentence which stands on the beginning of these pictures: Come on, show yourself? Live it up? All of this sounds too willingly, too actively, too much like a duty of an identity. Maybe the beginning sentence is that easy: Nice, that you're here!" (Intro)




Naked in defiance of cloths

No, the headline isn't a paradox! Anja Müller's photographs are windows in the souls of the models. Even with cloths many models of "Frauen 2" are more naked than Pin-Ups. The viewer is concerned with exchangeable persons who support appropriate sex-fantasies of men and women. In "Frauen 2" there's a change of act- and portrait-photographs: the pictures of the Berlin photographer interfere every different feeling, may they be unhappiness, happiness or amorousness.
Age and optic of the models play a small roll. Müller nor underlines nor ignores the actual beauty ideals: Her women are individual personalities who present parts of themselves and surely make "Women 2" to one of the most intimate photo books in the erotic arts of 2010.

(erotic lounge of t-online)


Pictures of "Women2"

"In the Middle"

Women between 45 and 55. Erotic photographs. 3rd edition 2010. shape: 26*1 cm, noble art print paper, bound with a dust cover, texts written by Yoko Tawada (about the beauty of women around 50), Claudia Gehrke (about becoming older) and Birgit Kausch (about the experiences of modeling for this book), 29, 90 Euros


"At first she's just a girl. Then the puberty comes and she doesn't want to be a girl anymore. And then the years around 25, 30, while she suppresses being a girl. A 25-30 years old woman is really not girl-like. But some when it comes back. The Soft, Unknown, Unready. A smile, which looks like half-crying. I think this is so delightful. Becoming older also means becoming older…"

(Yoko Tawada)

Bilder aus "Mittendrin"


..…when love begins

216 pages, Hardcover with dust jacket, format: 22,5 x 22,5 cm, 29,90 Euro, September 2004. ISBN 3-88769-335-3
Situations, when love begins, the moments, when the butterflies in one's stomach become sensible, records Anja Müller in her new, firstly coloured photobook. Abandon, relaxation, closeness and intimacy distinguish a lot of the pictures, but the book also contains energetic portraits. Despite of all variety the allurement of the sudden „lightning" is catched in every photograph. Affectionate and sensual, still and romantic, exciting and stirring are the people of this portraits and by observing these photographs the wellknown feelings of the first seconds, the butterflies, are rising inside.

„What attracts the attention of Anja Müllers photopgraphs is the lack of any routine. She has taken the picture newly again and again out of the particular situation, or better, out of the feeling she had in the same moment. There is neither coolness nor greed in her eyes but tenderness. Smooth outlines, soft play of light and shadow&endash; in the second when she presses the shutter release she holds on time. And an agravic space is opened where people can be by themselves, closely connected with everything, that exists… Anja Müller captures something you can't take away from them. And that assures what we quite believe her: The life we are imaging could be real." (Neues Deutschland)
„The Berlin artist Anja Müller focuses on erotic photography beyond conventional portrayal. Her pictures distinguish a rarely findable intimacy and presence." (Die Märkische)



2003: Sechzig plus
- Sixty something. Erotic photographs, 160 p., Hardcover., approx. 150 pictures, texts from Oswalt Kolle and Sigrun Casper, Eur 24,80 ISBN 3-88769-193-8 .
Sensual photographs of people over 60 years of age. „She shows that erotic knows no age... every single picture speaks for itself and at the same time appears over the border and tells about bashfulness and about the doubt being in this situation and the roguish lust to present himself or herself... Humor, rogue, self-irony, girly being boyish beeing...."(Sigrun Casper)

„The older the more beautiful... They have one thing in common: all are over 60, having crinkles and wrinkles and aren't embarrassed to show their (half) naked bodys in front of the camera. Sensual, funny, erotic and humorous pictures. ... easy, cheerful, not stressed and naturally. "Here you find characters, no ideals", a visitor of the exhibition (to the book in Tübingen)" (Schwäbisches Tagblatt)

Exhibitions with "Sixty something" have been in Berlin, Dreieich, Freiburg, Fellbach, Herten...




Erotic photographs, about 160 pictures, 160 pg., Euro 25,-, ISBN 3-88769-169-5

Discreet sensual photographs of very different men. Anja Müller elicits from the men a special tension. The photographs are „emotionally and softly charged with a vibrato. This shows an essential characteristic of the eroticism, which subtle effect emerges from the invalueable (?) start, from the risky gesture..." (Margareth Obexer)

Anja Müller photographs for years Berlin women and men of different ages and „scenes" in erotic situations, also while having sex.

The photobook „Men" is published parallel to her book „Women", which sells very good. Her men have this gender-exceeded discreet sensual charisma, which already honoured her book „Woman".

„about young, old, androgyne, masculine men while sleeping, smoking, fucking...the refreshing naturality of these portraits is amazing." (sergej)




Erotic photographs from Berlin

about 150 Photographs, Br., euro 19,90, ISBN 3-88769-158-X

Anja Müller from Berlin photographs since many years women and men from Berlin in erotic situations, alone, while sex. Sensual, affectionate thrilling pictures of varying women.

Press commentary

"Women, lecherous, erotic and dreamy &endash; dreamlike." (Siegessäule)

"Since many years the photographer from Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg presents women (and also men) in erotic situations. Alone and while sex. From it developed a sensual, affectionate thrilling volume of pictures with ca. 150 photographies, which shows most varying women." (Gegenpol)

„the photographer wants to show erotic photographies beyond the conventional representation...a familiarity and contemporary (?) which is seldom to find" (the Märkische about „men" and „women")

„a very beautiful photobook to the subject seduction. Photographs, which rather have the effect like short films, that stood still for a while. The point is not just the representation of nude bodies, but even the views and motions, which seduce..." (lespress)




Erotic photographs from Berlin, about 120 pages, texts, ¤ 15,50, ISBN 3-88769-177-6, march 2002.

Sensual portraits of couples, long-standing lovers &endash; short-term couples, Woman and Man, lesbian couples, men-couples...

Special offers:
Women+Men: Eur 35,-
Women + Men + Couples * Sixty something: 69,-




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