Laurence Jaugey-Paget

Titelbild des BuchesNice Girls Don’t
FNice girls don´t


Photobook with about 150 pictures, texts, among others by Regina Nössler, Hardcover, euro 19,90, ISBN 3-88769-136-9

Laurence Jaugey-Paget is a famous scene-photographer in London.

A sensual-light photobook with amusing texts, among others by Regina Nössler.
Short-text: She photographs women sexy and sympathically, in provocative erotic poses of lesbian pin-up girls in the same way as in dreamy lovesituations...

„There is something for every taste...she photographs the deep tenderness of lesbian couples, the sm-pleasure on the kitchen-table, the calm views of the provocative-lesbian `pin-ups´, the masturbation of a beautiful woman and portraits to fall in love..." (lespress)


Rinaldo Hopf

Thomas Karsten

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