My Secret Eye, The annual erotic anthology

Anthology of pictures and texts (in german), Euro 15,50 each -

Each number contains aprox. 250 previously unpublished pictures, photographies, drawings, paintings, open and more secretive pictures, humor and romantic seriousness, essays, stories, poetry and interviews. The different artists &endash; a large part of them are women &endash; come from all different kinds of backgrounds. Some are professional artists, others are privately interested in the topics of sexuality and eroticism. Their ages range from 18 to 80. This book tries to offer a collage of all the different possible varieties of sexuality and the different ways to capture them in pictures and texts.

So far number 1 to 23 have been published. "My secret eye" is "mulisexual", but also we publish the annual erotic books "My Lesbian Eye" (until now No 1-7) and "My gay Eye" (until now 1-5)

Each volume contains all sort of erotic aspects, but there is a subtle thematic emphasis visible in each book, carried by a few of the texts and most of all by the interviews:

For example: GENDER CROSSING; TRANSCENDING GENDER; SEX AND POLITICS; THE LUST TO REPRODUCE; SEXUAL “LEARNING”; EROTIC “ACCIDENTS” The shaking knees before an erotic rendez-vous, insecurities and erotic faux pas; What happens in longlasting relationships; ATTRACTION: what is it, that attracts us to other people, that stimulates erotic desires in us. Is it beauty, seduction or simple animal drives?; BOUNDARIES: What does transgression of boundaries mean in regard to eroticism and sexuality?

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“Unconventional, confusing, intelligent.” (Der Spiegel)

“This book will stimulate you appetite … A thoughtful contribution to the understanding between the sexes because of the outspoken dialogues … Summary: Who feel, talks and acts freely might have found the secret of loving someone.” (Thüringer Allgemeine)

“Claudia Gehrke knows that sexuality and intimacy belong together. ’A secret is only a secret, if it can be betrayed once in a while’ she says quite cunningly in the first volume. However, even after a 11-volume-lasting betrayal the different contributors are still occupied with the different aspects of lust as well as the abysses of lust. They expose, disguise, reveal and encode themselves in their poems and stories, their drawings and photos. The secret stays on. Even in the specific representation of sexual acts we do not find the brutal imagery of commercial pornography but the sometimes amateurish, sometimes professional effort of art photography, of the drawing, the collage, erotic photography next to the sometimes moving or funny or seductive private document.” (Die Zeit)

You can get a subscription for this anthology, which is published each fall. The latest volume will then be send to you automatically each. The subscription price is Euro 12,&endash;.

In addition we have a number of different offers:
The erotic yearbook packages, y three issues together euro 42,- each
Vol. 1-3 / 4-6 / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13-15 / 16-18 / 19-21
Vol. 1-10 Euro 125,-
Vol 1-20 Euro 250,- including an erotic surprise.
Vol 1-20. Lesbian 1-4, Gay 1-2: 300,-

Gay 1-3: euro 39,90
Lesbian 1-3: euro 39,90

Also available is a series of 12 postcards with motifs taken from the different volumes for DM 12,&endash;.

Erotic Rummy (Cooncan) 2 x 55 playing cards 2 x 55 playing cards with different erotic drawings by M. Kühn : Euro 14,90

Jeux de lune erotic computer games with mor than 6000 erotic pictures by B.W. Bosch, Story by Florence Dubreau, music by I. Jorges, moving, adventurous... french, english or german language Euro 49,90

Katrin Kremmler

Dykes on Dykes The first interactive lesbian Internet-cartoon now available in print!
Cartoon with English texts and a german translation, hardcover, DM 19,80
publication date: March 1998

Frigg and Christine are the lesbian dream couple of the 90s. They are always in bed together and that’s why Christine neglects her heterosexual cat Bronzo. Bronzo is also suffering from constant sexual harassment by Friggs she-dog. No wonder that a cat psychosis is inevitable. This in turn is a case for animal psychologist Dr. Doris Kellermann - a frustrated single, known for her flirt catastrophes that will one day enter world history. Furthermore there is Friggs mother Meinhild Bölze, who tries to spy out her daughter’s sexual activities. To this effect she smuggles a pirhana-goldfish into Friggs household, that has been trained as telephatic medium. Not to mention the transsexual cat Clarissa, a sex addicted painting etc …

Dykes on dykes has been appearing in the net since 1996. 27000 people have read it so far. The cartoon is a co-production with Indina Beuche, the queen of lesbian cyberspace and is part of her Web empire.

Reactions to the Web cartoon:
“Absolutely the best woman’s fun in the net. Your sense of humor is bizarre beyond description.” (Janice & Lisa, Toronto)  “I LOVE it. It is so NOT correct. It’s crazy. It’s sexy. It’s great.” (Annabelle, Paris)  “It’s really smart, witty and very funny. It makes my day.” (Vickie, Greece)  “DoD absolutely ROCKS!!! Look at this cartoon and see if you bust your pants laughing like I did” (Marie, USA)

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