Daïjana Roos

* 1963, lives in Paris. Various exhibitions in France and Belgium

BookcoverMiroir aux Androgynes
Hardcover, ca. 140 photographs in black & white and color, texts in French, English and German, Euro 29,90
The young Parisian photographer portrays enchanted beings that seem to be full of expectation and promise, surrounded by an aura of a reserved and dreamlike eroticism. Among these androgynous amazons from Paris are women and men. Included are texts written by the artist in French and German.

“Beautiful to look at … Roos stages her models as sailors, who wait with the weapons of seduction already in their hands. She transfers them to imaginary brothel rooms, lets them shimmer like paradise birds. Finally temptation itself appears, a hint of S/M: this book is about seduction and desire, about the awakening of desire …” (Lespress)

A picture from the book

A picture from the book

A picture from the book


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