César Saldívar

César Saldívar, born in Mexico. He receives a degree in Communication and Marketing at the ITESM in Monterray. He studies Contemporary Art in New York, Paris and Madrid. His passion about cinema leads him to start a photography career in Spain in 1988, settling down in Madrid. His work is chosen by Summa Artis (vol XLVII) to be part of the Spanish History of Photography. At the moment he develops image and photography projects in the film and music industry. .

Nude photogaphs
Espejos femeninos - Feminine Mirrors , 144 pages, 31,5 x 24 cm, bound. 39,90, ISBN 3-88769-341-8
"I am close to some of the women, others I had only just met. Some are actresses, others are young models, nevertheless all of them had one thing in common: they exposed themselves to my unrestricted creative view. Working only with natural light I approached the sensuality and individual codes of the women like an outsider licensed to explore their feminine universe..." (C.S.)
Reflejos Masculinos - Masculine Reflections, 144 pages, 31,5 x 24 cm, bound. 39,90, ISBN 3-88769-342-6
".Over six years social and profesional engagements let to the photo-sessions and the result is a gathering of people in the public eye: in sports, cinema, TV, music, dance, fashion. A black and white caleidoscope wiith effects of the prisma, where the natural light muliplies the images. A homage to the contempory Spanish man. " (C.S.)
both together: 59,90, ISBN 3-88769-344-2

"Cesar Salvidar has developed a unique visual language. He neither ridicules or stylizes his subjects but uncovers their essence and soul with often haunting effects. His work is sensual and deeply poetic, worlds away from Newton's strong but icy femmes fatal and the graphic sex of Mapplethorpe, photographers he is sometimes compared to. He rather follows the photographic school of the 1930's and this is where his strength lies: his images are timeless yet thrillingly contemporary." (Simon Frese, London)

Juegos de luces. El sexo masculino en cien imágenes - Spiele mit Licht. Das männliche Geschlecht in hundert Bildern - Playing with light: 100 images of the male sex.
144 pages, 28 x 28 cm, bound. 100 photographs in black and white, with an introducing essay "A short history of the penis in art" by Prof. Peter Weiermair. Other texts by César Saldívar Gerburg Treusch-Dieter, Del LaGrace Volcano, Lorna Scott Fitzgerald und Alejandro Jodorowski. Euro39,90, ISBN 3-88769-316-7. Texts in Englsih, Spanish and German

Artbook with portraits of the male sex, photographs, showing the beauty of this organ. A Hommage to an organ, of which scientists claim, it won´t soon be needed anymore, according to the history of evolution. (DER SPIEGEL Nr. 38, 15.09.2003) One hundred portraits, playing with light and shadow, with objects and the individual beauty. We don´t know anything about a book, in which the male sex is put in a show as here from the famous mexican photographer César Saldivar
„The first nude photography of actors and actresses from Spanish cinema. A dream come true. One of César Saldívar's beautiful dreams." (FOTO)

Saldivar is fascinated by this organ, admiring it, finding it as unable to overlook as it is unlimited in its beauty, as when he compares its physical features, form, texture and size with playthings and everyday objects. He has no time for the stern fetishism of a Mapplethorpe or the systemic naturalism of a Martin Kautter If Mapplethorpe insists on distance, turning the prick into classicistic [meinen Sie nicht classical?]sculpture, Saldivar invites the beholder to move closer Saldivar's interest sees past the grotesque side of the male organ, for him only its beauty counts .
Prof. Peter Weiermair

"Black on white or white on black? With Cesar Saldivar the beam of light traces the outline of a muscle or the gleam of a stolen look, while the power of the shadow blocks the image, inundating it and at times endeavouring to absorb it entirely.
Lorna Scott

Standing before each photo by Cesar Saldivar, I tremble at catching myself gazing on the forbidden truth. I perceive avian beings bird-like beings with mutilated wings, beyond those pretenders, the clownings of the ego, of the vaginas and phalluses puffed up with fragrant and toxic gloom."
Alejandro Jodorowski

"The romantic view latent in each photographic act drives out the sexual connotations, which lets me create a series of images, innocent and sensual, without being pornographic."
César Saldívar


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