Marlon Shy

* in Germany, grown up in Niamey/Niger. Studies in art and humanities, work in film production, make-up artist, assistant director at different film projects, e.g. for Peter Bogdanovich in Singapur and L.A. Numerous exhibitions, performances, video presentations in Germany and abroad. For years work with and around the theme of eroticism. Erotica is a matter of soul. Since 1990 part of the art initiative Fetish Park, together with Carla Subito.

BookcoverDie vergessene Kunst vor Liebe zu sterben – The forgotten art to die of love
224 pages, many photographs (black & white, color), drawings, paintings and texts, DM 29,80
“One of the most impressive artbooks of the past years, with the least degree of compromise.” (Junge Welt)
“Sex. It couldn’t be presented more obscene, naked, dirty and honest. This is certainly not an exclusively beautiful book, but it is tremendously important and necessary. We need more of this kind of books.” (Stuttgart live)
“Radical eroticism of the best kind.” (Black Widows Web)
A picture from the book


Kamatipura, Haus der Freude. Stille Porträts aus den Bordellen von Bombay – Kamatipura – House of Pleasure. Portraits from the brothels of Bombay
Hardcover, DM 39,80.
Taken without a flash, these pictures are authentic and documentary in style. Included are texts that comment and give insight to the pictures and an essay about the culture of religious prostitution.
“The great photographer Marlon Shy paints with her camera faces and stories … By reading and looking at the book, one becomes more understanding and enlightened.” (Die Rheinpfalz)

Fetish Park: Marlon Shy & Carla Subito

Die innige Verbundenheit siamesischer Zwillinge – The Intimate Closeness of Siamese Twins
Hardcover, 224 pages, big format, almost only colored pictures, DM 49,80
Exceptional erotic scenarios. Highly sensitive, emotional and staged without compromising to mainstream aesthetics. Intense pictures, very moving and very radical.

Wesen der Verführung – Nature of Seduction
ca. 140 photographs (black & white and color) and texts, DM 29,80
Tender as well as extreme pictures of women, men, lesbian, heterosexual and gay couples. Seduction is not visible in perfect bodies and pictures, but in short moments that seem almost of a private nature.
“Bodies that seem to act themselves, faces that are caught in a desire for themselves or for the person in front of them. Seductions to kiss, to touch, to have sex. Men and women, that give themselves away to desire …” (Schlagzeilen)

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Carla Subito
CDs for DM 29,80 each:
Zungenpflug (Tongue Plow), Verbundenheit (Closeness), Instinktverlust (Loss of instincts), Sporen/Binumb (Spores/Binumb), Trost (Comfort)
“Between Sex-in-the-ghost-train-trashmoviemusic and actually dubious and threatening sounding synthesizer sounds, Subito develops … suggestive excitement and thrill. With a loud heartbeat and a strange feeling in my stomach completely different pictures suddenly appear before my eyes: my own pictures, my obsessions – which is a form of freedom …” (Bad Alchemy III)

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