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The films that can be purchased at our publishing house are art films out of the female sexpositive underground, they are not porn movies in the conventional sense of the word, although they do show sex, or deal with the topic of sex.

We prefer payment by bank transfer. We send you an advance invoice by email, you pay by bank transfer about IBAN. As soon as you have payed, we send a letter/parcel with the films or books.
Shipment costs depend on the weight:
Germany: one film: 2,50, 2 and more films: free shipment.
Europe: one film: 4,- , 2 to 5 films: 8,-, 5-10: 16,- Euro

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Maria Beatty Films
feministic european PorYes Filmaward. Lautdatio from Claudia Gehrke (German language)

The return of Postapocalytic Cowgirls (new 2011)
Vampire sisters (new 2011)
Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls
Strap on Motel
Sex Mannequin.
Skatebord Kink Freak
Silken Sleeves

DVDs wih 2 films each
7 deadly sins" & „Lust"
Ladies of the Night & Let the Punishment
The black glove & Elegant spanking

The boiler room (29,90)
Extasy in Berlin 1926. (29,90)

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LOVE BITES Volume 1 - 3.
"The classics" : erotic short films by women. Language: English.
Vol 1: Kathrin Barben, Go girl; Kadett Kuhne, Impact Zone; Annette Kennerly, sex, lies & religion; Charline Boudreau, Ravissement; Claudia Schillinger, between; Sibylle Tiedemann, Aqua Maria; Monika Funke-Stern, parfait d'amour; Ilse Gassinger, Quick Lunch; Linda Christanell, Geburtstagsfilm u.a.
Vol 2: Laurie Schmidt, Sleep, come, free me; Prathiba Parmer, Wavelength; Petra Futschek, Be mine; Barbara Thiel, blues transit u.a.
Vol 3: Lorna Boschman, butch & femme in paradise, Kathy Daymond, Nice girls don't do it: about womens orgasm; Laurel Swenson, fistful; Laura Nix, Possession; Eva Heldmann, Compartment; Stefanie Jordan, crude u.a.
Each ca. 75 min., Euro 29,90. Vol 1-3 together: Euro 69,-

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Cléo Uebelmann, Mano Destra -The Dominas
Musik: The Vyllies, 60 min., Euro 29,90
Bondings and dominas. A cult film. The combination of threat and relaxation is terrifically staged by the music and the sounds: the small movements of the bound women, the deep felt contact with oneself, full of strength, devotion in the smallest realm possible.
The untouchable domina. She binds. Closes in. Liberates. Time can almost be felt. Waiting as a important element of masochism. Frightening rooms, empty spaces for secret fantasies.

Museum of Modern Art
60 min, Euro 49,90,- Objects, bodies, rooms &endash; Rooms of fantasy. Erotic symbols of strength. Movements, looks, light that invades the blackness of the leather and of the rooms. Imprisonments and liberations, a wonderful film.

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Isabella v.d. Hoog u. Patricia Vasalle, Hommage à trois
45 min, Euro 49,- . Great Lesbian Sex. Four women in a small hotel

Marlon Shy
Wesen der Verführung -Nature of Seduction

ca. 70 min, Euro 49,90
So far Shy's films toyed with deliberate slowness. This is her first film that is cut faster. The filmmaker is on the lookout for different erotic pictures &endash; different from the pictures of conventional pornography. Different and yet unmistakably arousing is the result of this effort. The cuts happen according to the surreal logic of lust and desire. There are, however, many very explicit scenes, sex happens without the "important" being censored. A dozen people &endash; who are not professional actors but friends of the artist &endash; are caught in different erotic situations that are viewed out the perspective of the protagonist. The young woman wanders through a deserted manufacturing plant and experiences dreamlike erotic sequences in water, in a morbid castle hall etc. The surrounding becomes gradually darker as the excitement rises.
Variety and the pleasure with the erotic play are important features of the movie, not only on a visual basis. Stylish sounds that are entangled with whispers, sung, spoken and moaned words and texts that have been written by the actresses themselves specifically for the movie, draw the spectator into an erotic dream.

Wie man Honig opfert; How to sacrifice honey
40 min, Euro 29,90,-
Music: Fetisch Park, Director: Marlon Shy, Actors: Marlon Shy & Carla Subito
Melancholic and erotic at the same time: love on the verge between devotion and power. A man and a woman. Pale colors, cool setting. Very slowly the woman is undressed by the man, washed, put on the toilet, bathed … the act begins. There is hardly a movie where time is felt like it is in this one. For the viewer who is able to relate to this slowness, the film is very exciting, a spectator who is not drawn into this mood, it is hardly bearable. A serious, wonderfully long "foreplay" ; and a very abrupt, terrifying and sad ending … or a new start: power, love, a shoe. This is an old underground film, one have to excuse the technical quality. This film is not shown on festivals anymore: The filmmaker considers it to be too private.

Fleischveredelung I-III - Meat Refinement I-III
75 min., Euro 29,90
Trilogy based on the texts of the Comte de Lautréamont.
His words crawl slowly up the spine and screw themselves into the skull where they leave considerable neutroniccorrosions: they are romantic and subversive, tender and brutal like a mean caress.
Available in a French or German version.
"Her films reveal to be calm stagings, far from superficial provocation. Instead they are full of atmosphere and a almost inexplicable lyricism." (Markus Peters, Junge Welt)

Terrassen des Weihrauchs - Platforms of Incense
27 min., Euro 19,90
Obscure pictures of an erotic battle between two women. The atmosphere is dreamlike and surrealistic. Excerpts from Jakob Wassermann's "Gold of Caxamarca" are read while Carla Subito's magic sounds hypnotize the spectator.
Attention: this dream in redblueviolett is quite exhausting.

Schöpfer des Himmels; Creator of Heaven
Euro 29,90-
A meditative film that shows the slow act of an authentic couple. Two faces with bound eyes. Hands that searchingly touch skin, caught in a long shot with dim lights. Fingertips feel over toes, wander slowly up to the face. It takes 32 minutes for the couple to get undressed. This leisure is an astonishing affront against the devaluating flood of pictures of the conventional pornography. Shy creates new pictures for erotic films. Through time the actors experience the wholeness of their bodies. "Creator of Heaven" succeeds because of its simple pictures, a merging of sensuality and dignity … This give more experience in love than lover games. (Kölner Stadtrevue)

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Krista Beinstein

Bad girls Euro 19,90
Lesbian episodes, taboo breaking and not for everybody's taste. In the episodes titled "Lustflesh" real bloody animal meat is involved …
Like her first video "True Love" (19,90, some copies left), Lesbian SM, to high tech quality


Euro 29,90-
A dark lesbian dream. Two women in an extraordinary outfit making soft SM-Love. Undergroundfilm, not high tech quality.

Die Praxis: Müll, Fort mit dem Fetisch; Lochfilme; The Practice: Garbage; Away with the fetish &endash; "Hole" Films
Ca. 35 min, 29,90; A nun porn and some abstract, ironic and erotic pieces of advice about how to have an orgasm. Not necessarily useful for imitation. And a lecture dealing with "The Hole".

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Erotic short films from the beginning of filmmaking from France (1910-1930):
Les Archives d'Eros Nr. 1 - 10, each Euro 45,-

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