Annette Wieners
Born in 1964, works a journalist and T V presenter for the broadcasting channel WDR, Cologne. She already published many screenplays. Her mother's funeral is her debut novel..

New 2007:

Die Beerdigung ihrer Mutter
Novel, hardcover with book jacket and threat stitching, 200 pages, Eur 12.90, ISBN 10: 3-88769-359-0 ISBN 13: 978-3-88769-359-6
Parents who neglect their children. Children, who do everything to fill up that void. Annette Wieners debut novel adorably tells about a search for contact that borders on obsession. Psychologically thrilling until the end. Eva discovers a real family: father, mother, two children. What a paradise! How would she love to enter. She starts to lionise the mother. The mother feels amusingly flattered. Until she realises, what Eve really want: true emotions. But this can't be given. Especially not in this family.
A huge disappointment for Eva. Anger and hate spread. Eve revolts against the mother's numbness. Eve tries to extract something useful from the bottom of things for herself. And touches the neuralgic spot of a society that lacks relations.

extract in German als pdf